Friday, June 20, 2008

Games People Play

Dear Rockstar Games,

We have invented a video game for your video game company. We think your core consumer group will like playing it.

It is called Grand Theft: Ottoman. It is a first-person thief game. In it, the player steals ottomans of increasing size from wealthier and wealthier homes. In this way, he builds an empire.

This game combines all the danger of stealing with all the social commentary of Edward Said's Orientalism. And all the fun of a good footstool! Frankly, sirs, you would have to be basically retarded to pass this up.

We look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

Signed respectfully and sincerely yours,
Hillary and Alexandria


King Numa said...

Have you ever played the Rockstar game Bully? It's a lot like life at SSA...

Anonymous said...

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